Małgorzata Wypych

Dr. Małgorzata Wypych, psychologist, crisis interventionist, president of the Mental Health Center, specialist in psychological intervention and stress management in critical incidents (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation), author of numerous publications on the psychological consequences of work and psychological support in emergency medical services, lecturer, and trainer in the field of building resilience, peer support, and systemic support for employees in organizations. She is a fan of short-term methods in her work – crisis intervention based on the individual's own and social resources, solution-focused methods, cognitive-behavioral approaches, and healthy empathy. With 10 years of experience as a psychologist in emergency medical services, she has been implementing systemic psychological support programs in organizations at the Mental Health Center for the past 6 years. She has conducted over 500 lectures and likely the same number of training sessions for managers on how to support employees going through various crises and psychological issues. Privately, she is a mother who lives with cats and a newly adopted rabbit. She enjoys clouds, and there's a neurological explanation for that. She is also a lover of African nature, especially elephants and leopards.