Heidi Robertson

Heidi joined ABB in 2001 and has held various leadership roles on local, regional and global level. Currently Heidi is Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion. She has been fronting the company’s ambitious Diversity & Inclusion efforts the past four years and launched the Diversity and Inclusion strategy 2030 with the ambition to ensure inclusion of all and equality across all dimensions. ABB is a leading global technology company with about 105,000 talented employees operating in over 100 countries. Heidi is an experienced professional driven by value creation for both the organization and the wider community. She believes that a diverse team composition and inclusive leadership is key to the success of any corporation. She holds a degree in Business & Human Resource Management from Vesalius College, Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Nominated Young Leader of the Year 2012 in Norway. Renowned speaker, frequently featured in podcasts, events and publication (e.g. Forbes and Harvard Business Review). Board and Advisory Board Member. Heidi is a Norwegian citizen who has lived in Norway, France, Belgium, US and Switzerland and speaks Norwegian, English, French and German. She currently lives in Oslo, Norway with her husband and three children and is an enthusiastic hockey mom.