Beata Cywicka

An expert in the field of communication. She has been associated with HEINEKEN Global Shared Services for almost 5 years, during which she has implemented many projects directly related to building the employer brand. As part of her duties, she carries out communication projects both within the organization and externally. She is responsible for organizing internal events, implementing internal communication projects, and conducting various campaigns dedicated to employees. She also has broad experience in managing social media activities and CSR projects. Since 2021, she has also been coordinating the implementation of HEINEKEN's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy, leading the DEI network and overseeing the execution of the action agenda. Beata is always looking for new inspirations and ideas. She loves developing and bringing those ideas to life with people and for people. Personally, she is a geek – always fascinated by new technologies and games, spending time with her loved ones, or tending to one of her many passions (sewing, painting miniatures, horse riding, bonsai creation, and many others).